Golden Visa

Europe's most successful residency-by-investment programme and FQ Partners can help you with obtaining this sough-after permit, which eventually leads up to an EU passport.
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Golden Visa in Portugal

Portugal's Law no. 29/2012 of 29 August 2012 (as amended and regulated) created a special regime called “ARI” (Autorização de Residência para Actividade de Investimento), which quickly became known as the “Golden Visa”. 
Essentially, under this regime a residence permit allowing visa-free travel within the Schengen Space is granted to a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen (and his/her dependants) who makes an investment in Portugal of at least 250,000 Euros or creates a minimum of 10 new permanent jobs in the country. 
This regime is administered by SEF, the Portuguese borders and foreigners agency.

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Who can apply?

All third country citizens who conduct an investment activity, as an individual business person or through a company set up in Portugal or in another EU Member State and who, in addition, are stably settled in Portugal, provided these citizens fulfil the quantitative requirements and the time requirements set out by the relevant legislation, may apply for a Residence Permit for Investment, by one of the following routes:

Capital transfer
With a value equal to or above 1 million Euros;
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The creation of, at least, 10 job positions;
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Real Estate purchase
property with a value equal to or above 500 thousand Euros;
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Real Estate refurbishing
The purchase of real estate property, with more than 30 years or located in urban regeneration areas, for refurbishing, for a minimum of 350.000 Euros;
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Research investments
Capital transfer of more than 350.000 Euros for investing in research activities conducted by public or private scientific research;
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Artistic or national heritage investments
Capital transfer with a minimum of 250.000 Euros for investments in artistic output or refurbishment of the national heritage;
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Capitalisation of companies
Capital transfer of more than 350.000 Euros, for funds investment or venture capital funds dedicated to the capitalisation of companies with head office in national territory;
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Commercial Society
Capital transfer of a minimum of 350.000 Euros, for constitution or reinforcement of the share capital of a commercial society with head office in national territory.
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Portuguese, EU and EEE nationals are not eligible for the ARI / Golden Visa scheme.

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Your rights as a Resident
As a resident of Portugal under the Golden Visa Program, you will be entitled to access at least the following with no need for any special authorisation:
  • Education and professional training
  • Official recognition of education diplomas and professional qualifications
  • A professional activity, (as an employee or as an independent professional)
  • Healthcare
  • Social security benefits, tax concessions and trade union protection
  • The law and the courts of law

Golden Visa Benefits

Schengen Space

Permanent free entry and circulation in Portugal and the other 25 Schengen Space countries

Freedom to live/work

Freedom to live and/or work in Portugal (the minimum stay requirements are 7 days in the first year and 14 days during each of the two subsequent 2-year periods, whether or not consecutive), while keeping another residence (if so wished) in another country.

Family benefits

Benefits are extensible to the investor’s spouse or partner, under-aged or dependent children of either spouse or partner, dependent parents of either spouse or partner, and under-aged siblings of either spouse or partner if legally under their supervision.

Resident Status

Option to obtain permanent resident status after 5 years of having made the initial investment.


Option to acquire Portuguese citizenship after 6 years of having made the initial investment.

Tax benefits

Option to become a "non-habitual resident" for tax purposes, paying little or no tax for at least 10 years.

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