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There are different ways of getting Portugal Residency.
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Obtaining Residency

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens hold an automatic right to reside in Portugal. But individuals of other nationalities may obtain a Portugal residence permit under many different circumstances.
FQ Partners have a deep knowledge and wide experience in this field and are in a position to fully assist their clients with all their requirements in this respect.

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Which type of residence permit should you apply for?

In some cases (e.g. employees, students, eligible relatives of resident persons), the choice is obvious. But for freelancers, entrepreneurs, investors or people having sufficient passive income, the choice boils down to whether or not they intend to actually live in Portugal. 
In case the intention is to merely hold Portugal residency, so as to enjoy visa-free travel in the EU/EEA/Switzerland and eventually qualify for EU permanent residency or citizenship, then the obvious choice is the Golden Visa, Portugal's residency-by-investment programme. This is Europe's most popular such programme, for it combines a relatively low investment amount requirement (starting at €250,000) with minimal stay requirements (7 days during the first year and 14 days during each subsequent 2-year period). 

But for someone who does intend to live in Portugal, it will be much faster, more efficient and cost-effective to apply for a permit other than the Golden Visa, in which case the general minimum stay requirement is that one does not spend more than 6 consecutive or 8 non-consecutive months out of the country during the validity of each temporary permit, except in duly justified professional or personal circumstances (for the holder of a permanent residence permit, this is increased to either 24 consecutive months or else 30 non-consecutive months in any given period of 3 years).

​​Given that a Passive Income Visa does not preclude the holder from having a professional activity in Portugal, this type of residency permit is generally the best alternative to the Golden Visa for someone who intends to live in Portugal and has a sufficient net stable and regular passive income. 

NHR - NON habitual resident

A favourable tax regime for new residents

People who move to Portugal and were not tax-resident in this country during at least the previous 5 years, may apply for "non-habitual resident" (NHR) status. This is a regime that grants a new resident of Portugal a 10-year tax exemption on most non-Portugal-sourced types of income, whether or not they are effectively taxed at source, and whether or not, under a double taxation agreement (DTA), tax at source is reduced (e.g. on dividends, interest or royalties) or even eliminated (e.g. on pension income derived from private sector employment).

How FQ Partners can assist
FQ Partners provide a one-stop shop for all your needs in connection with your relocation to Portugal, including your residence permit, tax affairs, property search and settling-in support.Having assisted hundreds of clients with a 100% success rate, we are at ease with meeting a great variety of disparate requirements.
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